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The Seller Finance Enhancement Act would amend the Dodd/Frank to allow up to 24 seller-financed transactions per year without the need for the seller to be licensed as a mortgage originator.

Additionally, HR 1360 would require the Treasury Department to study the LVH market over the next 3 years and report back to Congress with suggestions for steps to improve the sales and financing of these homes.

HR 1360 does not remove any of the safeguards related to these transactions. Seller financiers must still comply with “ability-to-pay” portions of Dodd-Frank, as well as interest rate rules and the ban on balloon payments. 

“I am proud to re-introduce the Seller Finance Enhancement Act of 2016; a bill that will help small business owners fight unnecessary regulation and continued federal overreach.  While the cost of mortgage loan origination has increased dramatically since the financial meltdown, seller financiers continue to fill an important void in the national housing market, while allowing many American’s to realize the dream of homeownership.”

- Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25) Sponsor of HR 1360

Check out the "Dear Colleague" letter sent by Congressman Roger Williams to the rest of Congress here!


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